Lenka Horakova, Studio Arts, AA+D, Norwalk Community College


Lenka Horakova, Studio Arts

Adi, Black and white print, 8" x 10", 2008

Making a career out of photography. My experience at NCC and in the photo department was very exiting and new in the approach of learning. I came to the USA from the Czech Republic to study English. I switched my career to photography when I realized that to be an English teacher here would be impractical, and for the first time I decided to do what I would enjoy to do. With great support of my photo teacher Joan Fitzimmons and portfolio preparation teacher Joe Fucigna, I put all my efforts into the creation of a series of spontaneous pictures that took me to the next level. When I was accepted at SUNY Purchase, I could not even imagine where this all would take me. There I made my first steps to consciously and intentionally create pictures. Before I graduated, I exhibited my pictures in the school photo department. Today, I am focusing on making pictures about people and their personalities. I started my own photography business, LVH Photography. For the future, I would like to expand my company and be able to support my art creativity with it.

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