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Associate of Science - Computer Science

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Program Overview
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Program Overview

One of the complaints we hear all the time is that our current degrees are too inflexible. Students are locked into taking classes that either don't interest them or don't transfer to a particular school. We are in the final stages of creating a degree that is flexible enough for almost everybody - yet rigorous enough to ensure that students leave us with enough knowledge to be successful no matter where they go. The new degree program is currently being reviewed by the Department of Higher Education. It is on schedule to be offered beginning Spring 2010!

The need for the Program can be seen expressed daily in our local papers. Job advertisements for IT professionals increasingly require more than a single skill, programming language, and/or platform.

In terms of student demand, many of the courses in the program are currently offered and experience high demand. Student interest in obtaining skills in many languages and platforms is exceptionally high, and they know there are high-paying job opportunities available in the community. In fact, given that companies now require multiple skill sets, the growth of the community’s economy depends on a major increase in knowledgeable workers.

The Program also serves the transfer student well. Because it is so flexible, students can evaluate which courses will transfer to their preferred target school and take them as part of this program rather than seeing many courses qualify as general electives. The transfer student may tailor the program to meet virtually any target schools requirements.

Why You Should Switch Majors

There are two major reasons why you should switch from your current major to the new Computer Science major: Flexibility and Availability. The new degree allows you to choose many of your classes. So, if you plan to enter the workforce upon graduation, you can take classes that immediately translate into the skills necessary to obtain the job you want. If you plan to transfer to a four year school, you can take classes that will transfer directly to the school you choose. The new degree is flexible enough to accomodate all students' needs.

Perhaps even more important, the flexibility of the new degree means that students won't have to wait around until a particular class is offered. Given that students can choose most of their own curriculum, and given that the department is committed to offering pertinent classes, there is something to be taken each semester that immediately applies to the degree.

Catalog Description

The catalog description for the A.S. degree in Computer Science is as follows:

This program prepares students for technical positions within the Computer Science field. Course work is focused on programming in a heterogeneous platform environment through multiple programming languages, and development of both written and verbal communication skills needed in all areas of the business community.

The program contains two major elements: (1) NCC's Core or general education requirements and (2) Core IT required courses.