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Locating Computer Courses in the Online Course Schedule

In the by Subject area, you no longer select Computer Information Systems.  Instead select Computers-Computer Science or Computers-Technology.

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Testing Out of CSA 105
(Introduction to Software Applications)

CSA 105 is a requirement in your major.

But, you think you already know the MS Office products Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You use them everyday at work or at home.

If you can prove your expertise in these applications by passing a test, you will not have to take CSA 105 and you will still receive the three credits that this course carries. The cost of the test is $30.00.

Click Here for more information about testing out of CSA 105

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Get Your Networking Certificate In One Year

One of the complaints we've heard about our Networking Certificate is that it takes too long - two years - to complete. In an effort to address your needs, we are excited to offer our Networking classes as accelerated hybrids this fall. What does that mean? It means that you can now take Networking I and II this fall and Networking III and IV next semester and earn your certificate in just 10 months. In addition, at the end of the 10 months you will be prepared to take the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam - the industry standard. In short, you'll still learn all you need to know to become a network engineer - you'll just do it faster! Contact Professor Patrick Cassidy for more information at 203-857-7336 or via e-mail at