College Open WEDNESDAY, January 28th

All classes will meet as scheduled on Wednesday, January 28. Spring 2015 registration and on-line registration will continue through Friday, January 30th Please register and pay on-line at any time. Senior Registration has been moved to Monday, Feb. 2nd, 10:30 am -12:30 pm.

Counseling Center



Academic Advising

Each semester, you should make an appointment with your academic advisor. Where you go for advising will depend on your major.

If you have declared a major:

Your advisor will be the director or the coordinator of the program you are enrolled in.  Please click the Advisory Directory link to your locate your advisor.


If you are Undecided/Non-Degree:

Your advisor will be a counselor in the Counseling Office. They can help you with career exploration and declaring a major. To make an appointment, please call (203)857-7033 or stop by East Campus, Room 104.


If you are in General Studies:

Your advisor will be a faculty member in the Student Success Center. To make an appointment, please call

(203)857-7234 or stop East campus, Room 107.


When should I meet with my advisor?

The earlier the better! You can meet with your advisor at any point throughout the semester, however, if you are registering for classes there are certain times you should try and meet with your advisor by.  For summer and/or fall registration, it is recommended you meet with your advisor the end of March. For winter or spring registration, it is recommended you meet with your advisor the end of October.


Class Schedule

The class schedule search allows you to see what classes are being offered at NCC.


Degree Evaluation

This tool allows you to see what graduation requirements you have already completed and which you still need to take. It is located on your MyCommNet account.


Registration Schedule

It is best to register for classes early on, ideally before the current semester you are in ends.  Registration for the winter and spring semester begins November 1st and registration for the summer and fall semester begins April 1st.


Virtual Advisor

This web-based academic advisor tool provides students with information on NCC's academic requirements, policies, college resources, tips for college success and the importance of academic advising.


NCC Virtual Advisor