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Course Offerings

ENG 066: Foundations for College Study/Reading/Writing

6 semester hours/institutional credit only

This integrated reading/writing course is designed to develop reading comprehension and writing skills. Emphasis is reading selections from college subject areas, developing and using an academic vocabulary and writing essays.

ENG 068: Speaking and Listening Skills

3 semester hours/institutional credit only

Students learn basic elements of pronunciation and sentence patterns used in standard American English. Intonation, stressed and unstressed vowels, word endings and verb tenses are emphasized.

ENG 074: College Reading

4 semester hours/institutional credit only

This course is designed to build academic reading skills. Using literature, nonfiction texts, selections from textbooks, and articles in various academic disciplines, such as humanities, social science, and science, students learn to read, comprehend and derive meaning more efficiently.

FS 101 Freshman Seminar (open to all NCC students)

3 semester hours

This first-year student success course addresses issues related to students' transition to college and beyond. Students use a variety of self and career assessment instruments to explore career paths, practice goal setting and develop plans for achieving their goals.

MAT 075: Pre-Algebra, Number Sense

3 semester hours/institutional credit only

This course provides a review of how to use basic operations to manipulate whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percents. Content includes an introduction to ratios and proportions, measurements, and geometry.

MAT 073: Pre-Algebra, Number Sense

4 semester hours/institutional credit only

This course is identical to MAT 075 except that it has one additional hour of instruction for students whose placement scores indicate this need.

MAT 094: Introductory Algebra

4 semester hours/institutional credit only

This course covers the basic concepts of algebra, including fundamental operations, factoring, linear equations and applications. Also included in this course are the topics of polynomials, exponents and an introduction to linear graphs and slope.