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English as a Second Language
Non-Credit ESL

ESL Student Online Practice

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Complete Lessons

Finding Gunfire by Sound

Lift Like a Super Hero

How Canadians Spend Money

Men Don't Eat Enough Veggies

The Cost of Making Shoes

Nutrition Facts

Missing Work

Workplace Issues 1

Workplace Issues 2

Workplace Issues 3

Street Safety

Finding an Apartment

Superfoods: Eat Right



Randall's Listening Lab

ESL Robots (talk to robots)

EZ Slang

Random Listening Quiz 1


Lose Weight


Can you dance?

Why do you play hockey?

What do you believe?

Japanese Life

Double Decker Bus

Summer Vacation


Eating Out

Drinking Alcohol


Cheesecake Recipe

Travel to Vancouver

City: Cork



New House

Dream Home

Favorite Actor

Exchange Student



Do you know a good gym?

Romantic Story


Little Liza Jane

Swanee River

Drinking Water



Japan's Geography

Stories & Songs with Audio


Assorted Questions

Correct or Incorrect

Question Words


Adjectives & Adverbs

Nouns 1

Nouns 2


Analogies 1

Analogies 2

Opposites 1

Opposites 2

Opposites 3

Plant or Animal?

Spelling/Vocabulary Games


Verb Tense

Simple Present*

Simple Present Practice 1

Simple Present Questions

Simple Present (scrambled)

Negative Simple Present 1*

Negative Simple Present 2

Simple Past*

Simple Past (irregular)*

Simple Past Practice 1

Simple Past (scrambled)

Simple Future*

Simple Future Practice

Simple Future (going to)*

Irregular Verbs Practice 1

Irregular Verbs Practice 2

Present Progressive*

Present: Simple or Progressive

Present Progressive Practice 1

Present Progressive Practice 2

Present Progressive Practice 3

Neg. Present Prog. Practice 1

Neg. Present Prog. Practice 2

Past Progressive*

BE Verb Past & Present

Verb Forms

* explains rules

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech*

Parts of Speech Practice 1

Adjective or Adverb 1

Adjective or Adverb 2


Articles Practice 1 (a, an)

Articles Practice 2 (a, an)

Articles Practice 3 (a, an)

Nouns (irregular plural)*

Count/Non-Count Nouns*

Counting Non-Count Nouns 1*

Counting Non-Count Nouns 2*

Countable Nouns Practice 1

Possessive Adjectives*

Preposition Practice 1


Clauses, Adjective 1

Clauses, Adjective 2

Clauses, Noun 1

Clauses, Noun 2

Comparative & Superlative

Comparison Practice 1

Comparison Practice 2

Comparison Practice 3

Comparison Practice 4

Modals (can/could/able to)

Modals (have to/must)

Modals (don't have to/mustn't)

Modals (can/must)

Modals (can/cannot)

Modals (can)

Modals (various)

Questions Practice 1

Sentence Completion 1

Tag Questions

They're, Their, or There

Unscramble Sentences 1



Paragraph Correction 1

Paragraph Correction 2

Paragraph Correction 3

Paragraph Correction 4

Paragraph Correction 5

Paragraph Correction 6

Paragraph Correction 7

Paragraph Correction 8

Paragraph Correction 9

Paragraph Correction 10

Paragraph Correction 11

Paragraph Correction 12

Wh Questions 1

Wh Questions 2

Yes/No Questions 1

Yes/No Questions 2