Financial Aid Appeal Process

A student may request consideration for reinstatement to the financial aid programs through the following Appeal Process:


All appeals must be in writing and received in the Financial Aid Office within 10 days of being notified of termination of Financial Aid.


If the student feels his/her failure to meet the minimum satisfactory satisfactory academic progress standard was the result of an unusual or extraordinary situation that effected successful progression, the student may appeal to the Financial Aid Office. Some personal mitigating circumstances could include illness or injury of the student or dependent of the student; death in the family; or undue hardship as the result of special circumstances. An appeal form is available in the Financial Aid Office.

To provide consistency in the decision-making, a Financial Aid Administrator will make all appeal decisions in a timely manner after the receipt of the appeal form. The student must: 1) explain the extenuating circumstances causing the non-compliance; 2) substantiate it with third party documentation, (i.e. letter from the doctor who treated the student); and 3) give a detailed explanation of specifically what has changed that will allow satisfactory progress to be demonstrated at the next evaluation.


If the appeal is approved and the student is not mathematically able to return to satisfactory academic progress at the conclusion of the subsequent enrollment period, a Financial Aid Administrator will devise an appropriate academic plan for the upcoming semesters with the student. The terms of an academic plan are as follows:

1. Register for a minimum of six (6) credits and successfully complete one hundred percent (100%) of the credits attempted for that semester


2. Successfully complete these courses with a minimum GPA of 2.0

At the end of the semester, grades will  be evaluated. If the student has met the required terms of the academic plan, the student may continue receive financial aid the following semester. If the student fails to meet the terms of the academic plan in any subsequent semester, the student will become ineligible to participate in the financial aid programs until the student is able to once again meet the minimum requirements for academic progress. The student's progress will continue to be monitored at the end of each semester with the same terms in place until the student is in compliance with Connecticut Community Colleges' satisfactory academic progress policy.

If the student's appeal is denied and the student is already registered for the upcoming semester, the student is responsible for any monies owed to the college. If the student pays for the next semester and successfully completes all classes with a GPS of 2.00 of better, the student may appeal again after that semester.