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Information Technology
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NetID Password Reset

Follow the steps below to rest your NetID password if you have forgotten it or if your password has expired.

Please note: After five incorrect password entries you will be locked out of your account for a period of 30 minutes.

Please use the self-help kiosks that are located throughout the NCC campus. These kiosks will not retrieve your forgotten password, but will allow you to reset it. If you are not on-campus, or if you prefer, you may also reset your password online at

Resetting your NetID password is a four-step process.

*Your Secret Question must be setup prior to resetting your password.

The process to reset your password is the same for both the self-help kiosks and the website.

Setting Up Your Secret Question

Your Secret Question must be setup prior to resetting your password. Please take a minute to go to, login, and setup your Secret Question. You will have five (5) questions to choose from and answer. They are:

Cannot Reset Your Password?

If you are unable to reset your password by using either the self-help kiosks or the website, you will need to visit the IT Helpdesk in room E319. This can only be done in person. Please bring a photo ID with you.