Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - EARLY CLOSING - 5:00 Pm

Due to inclement weather, Norwalk Community College will close at 5:00 pm today, Tuesday, March 3rd 2015. All classes and activities scheduled after 5:00 pm are cancelled.


Graduation Requirements

Graduation is not automatic. Degrees are awarded to candidates in May, September and December. Final application must be made by the following dates:

Graduation Applications

Degree Application

Certificate Application


Applications may also be obtained from and filed with the Records Office.

Students applying for two degrees at the same time must submit separate applications (see below). To be eligible for graduation, students must satisfactorily complete all courses required in their curricula, have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0, and have the approval of the appropriate Department Chair and Dean.

Graduation requirements in restricted programs (Nursing, Respiratory Care, Paramedic, or Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Counseling) will be determined by the course requirements stated in the catalog under which the officially admitted into the restricted program. In addition, candidates in the Early Childhood Education curricula must complete the Early Childhood academic courses with a minimum grade of C.

A Second Associate Degree

In May, 1978, the Board of Trustees adopted the following policy on earning a second associate degree:

Degree Requirements

In order to meet degree requirements, students must: