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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) / Phlebotomy

Eligibility Requirements and Registration Instructions

Students must provide proof of one of the following eligibility requirements to register for CNA or Phlebotomy. (Registration is first come, first served) If unable to meet eligibility requirements please proceed to the Health Care Assessment Testing Procedures section.

Program Eligibility:

Eligibility One

·         Eligibility for ESL 152 or eligibility for ENG 084 and ENG 074 or above and

·         Eligibility for MAT 075 through a transcript review

·         An academic record that meets the criteria listed above is verified through a WES transcript.

Eligibility Two

·         Meet either College Credit Exemptions or SAT or ACT exemptions according to the guidelines listed on the other side.

Eligibility Three

·         Achieve or exceed the following Accuplacer scores through the NCC Placement or Health Care Assessment tests

o   30 or over in Arithmetic

o   English Scores

§  Reading Score 51 or above and

§  Sentence Skills 67 or above


§  Students with Essay results of 6 or higher based upon the NCC Basic Skills placement test.

Eligibility Four

·         Passing grade in HMED D5008

Registration Procedure

Health Care Assessment Testing Procedures:

College Credit Exemption

SAT and ACT Exemption

PLEASE NOTE: Retesting for the Health Care Assessment Test will only be granted with prior approval. Please contact Ilene Boyar, Testing Center Specialist at 203-857-3319 for retesting inquiries only.

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