Writing Center Policy

The NCC Writing Center is a place where all NCC students can receive help with a wide variety of writing issues, including understanding writing assignments, brainstorming, drafting, outlining, critical reading/thinking, researching, documentation, revision, and editing. The Writing Center is open to assist any student with a writing assignment from any class at NCC. The tutors in the Writing Center are here to help you understand your writing process and to help you reach your goal of becoming a stronger, more confident writer.

When you come to the Writing Center, a tutor will talk with you about your writing and work with you to determine and attain writing goals; however, he/she will not edit, proofread, or write any part of your paper for you; instead, the tutor will help you learn how to do these things for yourself. It is best to come to the Writing Center well before your paper deadline so that you and the tutor might map out a series of appointments if needed.

In order to make the best use of every session, you should bring with you:

  • a copy of the assignment you'd like to work on
  • any draft work you have already completed
  • necessary materials for completing the assignment (textbooks, articles, etc.), instructor feedback, your course syllabus, and so forth.

The Writing Center welcomes walk-ins; however, appointments are encouraged, as an appointment guarantees you will have a tutor to work with. Students may sign up for up to two half-hour sessions per week. The appointment calendar is located immediately inside of the Center and is available whenever the Center is open. When the Center is closed, the forms for the current week are in a folder on a bulletin board outside of the Center for easy, after-hours access. If you do decide to walk in without an appointment, please understand that there may not be a tutor free to work with you, and you may need to schedule an appointment for a future date. Appointments cannot be taken by phone. We ask that if you must cancel an appointment, please do so as far in advance as possible, either in person or by phone. This will enable a fellow student to take advantage of an opening.

You are welcome to use the Centers computers, texts, and other resources for any writing assignment you are working on. We simply ask that you be courteous to students who may be working with a tutor and thus, work quietly. When using the computers located in the Writing Center, all work must be relevant to a college writing task, and no materials may be saved to the hard drive of the computer. You must supply your own floppy disks/CDs or a flash drive. Please note that the tutors in the Writing Center are not trained computer technicians. All computer use is therefore at your own risk.

Finally, your use of the Writing Center is confidential. If you would like your instructor to know you have used the Writing Center, we will inform him/her; however, a student who would like his/her use of the Writing Center to remain confidential is assured that his/her privacy will be protected.