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Norwalk Community College’s student-run Musings: Journal of the Arts is a place where all students share the opportunity to showcase and celebrate their creativity and talent. We welcome all forms of art and expression including, but not limited to: writing, photography, filmography, music, design and artwork.

Musings is published online, with a limited number of traditional hard-copy editions. We not only have an official website, but social media connections through Facebook and Twitter as well –please connect with us!

Students at NCC come from all walks of life, bringing to campus many creative talents which, although sometimes hidden, may be brought to light at Musings. It is widely believed that “success breeds success,” and at Musings we believe that students have nothing to lose and everything to gain by submitting their work.

Benefits of submitting are the opportunity to be published, and to win awards and cash prizes. Additionally, listing an award or publication on college applications and resumes can round out students’ character, and give them the edge they will need to compete. By directing others to the website, students will have the opportunity to connect with others through their creative vision, and to feel good about their area of talent.

We accept submissions All day, every day!
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Musings Team (see photo above taken by Dina Silberman of The Voice)


Erin Kresmery, Kristin Poly, Tyler Bothe and Sandra Botha