NCC Online Orientation Guide

Course Outline

College Prep Courses

Because of your placement test results, you may have been assigned to one or more below 100 level courses, which build academic skills to prepare you for college level work. Successful completion of these courses is required before you move on to a college course.

First-Year Experience Courses

First-Year Experience courses introduce strategies and skills for success at NCC and beyond. This course will be taken in your first semester. Part time students will also benefit greatly from taking one of these courses.

College Core Requirements

Many courses have prerequisites. A prerequisite is a class that you must pass before you can register for another, related class. For instance, English 101 is a prerequisite for English 102. You must take English 101 before you can enroll in English 102.

Basic requirements


One course from the following categories:

Social Sciences

One course from the following categories:


One course from the following categories:

Interdisciplinary Requirement

When you choose your courses from Humanities, Social Science, and Science, at least one course has to be an interdisciplinary course.

The following are Interdisciplinary courses you can choose from:


In order to graduate from NCC you must complete all core requirements, program requirements (which are specific courses in your major), and maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA).

Academic Advising

Each semester, you should make an appointment with your academic advisor. Where you go for advising will depend on your major.

If you have declared a major: Your advisor will be the director or the coordinator of the program you are enrolled in. The Advisor Directory is located on our website under “Academic Advising” and also on the Resource page.

If you are Undecided/Non-Degree: Your advisor will be a counselor in the Counseling Office. They can help you with declaring career exploration and declaring a major. The Counseling Office is located in Room 104, East Campus.

NCC Online Resources

  1. MyCommNet -- MyCommNet is our online student management database where you will register and access your student records. All students except new students are encouraged to register by using MyCommNet.

    MyCommNet allows you to:

    • Register for classes
    • Check your midterm and final grades
    • Access financial aid information
    • Request an official transcript
    • Update personal information
    • View your semester schedule & much more!

    The link below provides basic information about your MyCommNet account.
    MyCommNet information

  2. Degree Evaluation -- This program is found on your MyCommNet account. This is a great tool to use each semester before you register for courses and to monitor your progress toward graduation. Using this program, you can see what graduation requirements you have already completed and which you still need to take.
  3. College Catalog -- The College Catalog establishes degree requirements, college calendar, administrative information and polices, student development services, and course descriptions.
  4. Student Handbook -- Online Student Handbook provides a one-stop-shop website for all your advising needs. The handbook links you to all of the academic programs, college policies, services, and faculty and staff resources at NCC.
  5. College Website -- Visit our college website and click on the “Current Student” tab. This will bring you to our A-Z index, which provides the most up-to-date information about the college.